5 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Lying

Trust is an important aspect of any relationship. Couples need to be able to trust each other to know that they can rely on one another. While honesty is always important, some people still feel the need to lie to the ones that they love. There are specific signs that men can give off when they are lying.

Women need to learn how to pick up on these signals. The following 5 signs that your boyfriend is lying will help you to catch him if he is lying to you.

His Stories Don’t Match Up

Pay close attention to the different stories that your boyfriend will tell. If possible, ask him about the exact same situation or event on different occasions. Pay attention to the details of the story to notice any differences. While some small, insignificant differences are meaningless, large and noticeable differences may mean that he is lying about his original story.

He Goes Into Unusual Detail

Studies have found that men who lie will actually go into a greater amount of detail when telling that lie. They will try to add details to their story to make it seem as real and plausible as possible. If your boyfriend does not usually go into great amounts of detail, he may be lying when he does go into detail.

You Notice Clues

There are some non-verbal cues that you can take into account when trying to figure out whether or not your boyfriend is lying. If you notice receipts from places that were not mentioned by your boyfriend, or notice the smell of smoke when he was not supposed to be at a smoking establishment, you will have clue to his lying ways.

He Gets Nervous When You Ask Him Questions

Those who lie will often feel worried and nervous when asked questions about their night. If your boyfriend starts to act nervous when you ask him questions about what he did the night before, he may be lying. Why would he be nervous if he didn’t have anything to hide?

He Looks Up and to the Right While Thinking

One of the biggest non-verbal cues that you can look for when trying to figure out if your boyfriend is lying comes from the eyes. Both men and women will look up and to their right if they are lying. Take note of his eyes when he is telling you a story.

Everyone is going to lie to the person that they love. Some of these lies are small, harmless white lies that can actually be beneficial to the relationship. Other lies can be damaging, and need to be found out as soon as possible. These 5 signs that your boyfriend is lying will help you to pick up on the lies that your boyfriend may be telling you.

5 Reasons For Dumping Your Boyfriend – Know When To Walk Away

Relationships are an important part of our everyday lives. We rely on loved ones to enjoy the good times in life and help us through the bad times in life. We build special relationships with the people we date, growing those relationships and bonds over time. Many find it difficult to let go of someone because of these strong connections.

It is important for many to understand when they need to leave their boyfriend. While connections may be strong, they may not be worth the pain and suffering that the boyfriend may be putting them through. These tips will help you to understand the good reasons for dumping your boyfriend.

He’s Cheated On You

If your boyfriend has cheated on you, he has disrespected you. He has shown that he does not care about your relationship, and that he is not faithful. You cannot change your boyfriend, and will not be able to keep him from cheating on you again. If your boyfriend has cheated on you, you need to let him go.

He’s Inconsiderate

There are plenty of selfish and inconsiderate people in the world. Most people will refuse to be friends with someone who is inconsiderate, and yet many will date someone who is inconsiderate. If your boyfriend fails to take your feelings into account, you need to let him go.

He’s a Habitual Liar

It is never ok for someone to lie to you. While small white lies may seem acceptable, a mass amount of lies may lead to deeper issues and problems. If you find that your boyfriend is a habitual liar, call him out on it. If he fails to stop lying to you, you need to let him go.

He Doesn’t Want Kids

If your boyfriend does not want to have kids, he is not a bad person. He simply does not want to have to care for children of his own. While this is respectable, it is not something that you have to agree with. If you want to have children, and your boyfriend does not, it may not be the right relationship for you.

He’s Afraid of Marriage

The same can be said for the idea of marriage. Some men do not want to get married. They may set a specific age or timeline for marriage that may not match up with yours. If marriage is something that is important for you, this is not the right relationship for you.

It is never easy for someone to end a relationship. These people need to be strong, however, as they realize that the relationship is not right for them. Regardless of the connections that you have made, you need to understand when you should leave. These are some of the major reasons for dumping your boyfriend.

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend

The longer you are with someone, the more you learn about who they are as a person. It is important for couples to be honest with each other, working to understand as much as possible about one another. While certain topics may come up in general conversation, others need to be purposefully brought up. There are some things that you need to make sure that you ask your boyfriend. These are just some of the questions you should ask your boyfriend before you get serious about your relationship.

What Are Your Goals?

It is important for women to find a man that is goal oriented and driven. It is also important for a woman to understand whether or not her boyfriend’s goals affect their relationship. Talk to your boyfriend about his goals. These goals can be societal driven, monetarily driven, or career driven. These goals may make you boyfriend more appealing to you, or may make you rethink your relationship.

Do You Want Kids?

It is important for couples to be as honest with each other as possible. If you want to have kids at some point in your life, you need to let your partner know. Likewise, if they do not plan on having kids in their future, they should let you know. Ask your boyfriend about kids to understand if you are on the same page, as far as children are concerned.

What Do You Think About Marriage?

There are some men that are afraid of commitment, working to avoid an actual marriage. There are others who are seeking out marriage, working to marry someone as quickly as possible. Talk to your boyfriend about marriage in general to understand what their goals are, as far as marriage is concerned. If your goals are opposite of one another, the relationship may not work.

Have You Been Tested?

Partners need to be honest with one another in regards to their sexual health. You need to be upfront and honest with your boyfriend about your sexual past, and vice versa. Ask your boyfriend if he has been tested for sexually transmitted diseases; if he says no, let him know that there will be no sexual relations until he is tested. While it is important to be understanding, it is more important to be safe.

What Do You Like About Me?

This simple and somewhat self-absorbed question can actually do wonders for your relationship. Asking your boyfriend what he likes about you will remind the both of you why you are with one another, helping to strengthen the relationship.

It is important for you to understand where your boyfriend has been, and where your boyfriend is going. Take the time to work these various questions into your conversations. They will help you to understand your boyfriend’s thoughts on topics that may be important and crucial to the success of your relationship. If you want to be sure that you completely understand your boyfriend and your relationship; ask your boyfriend the above questions.

How To Get A Boyfriend – 5 Tips To Get A Boyfriend

Some women make finding a boyfriend seem simple and easy; they rarely go months without having a man by their side. Other women will find it difficult to get a boyfriend, struggling to find that special connection with someone else. Some women fail to realize that a few small changes and attitude adjustments could help them to land the boyfriend that they want. These five tips will help you to learn how to get a boyfriend.

Give Yourself a Makeover

It can be easy for us to get used to our look and our style. We get used to blending in with the crowd, sticking with neutral clothes and neutral haircuts. If you are trying to get a boyfriend, you should give yourself a makeover. Find a haircut and hairstyle that stands out from the crowd. Buy new clothes that change up your style, helping you to stand out among all of the other women in the bar. Some simple changes will not change your personality, but will make you more easily noticeable.

Work On Your Confidence

Women who are confident are always the women who get the boyfriend. Men find confidence sexy and attractive, gravitating toward women who understand what they are worth. Work on your own confidence, as this will help you to grab the attention of men and help you to find a boyfriend.

Go Out with Friends

Women are often confident when they are around people that they trust. If you are trying to find a boyfriend, go out with a group of friends. Men will find your confidence attractive, and will be confident enough to come up and talk to while you are with a group of friends.

Control Your Alcohol

If you are working to get a boyfriend you need to work to be in control as much as possible. Those who want a boyfriend need to be able to control their alcohol. Women who are drunk or intoxicated will be seen as less attractive and are less likely to find a man to date.

Be Yourself

At the end of the day, your confidence is key. You need to be ok with who you are and confident in who you are. Women who try to change their personality come across as fake, hurting their chances of finding love. If you want to get a boyfriend, you need to be yourself.

Women are often amazed by other women who seem to always have a boyfriend at their side. They often compare themselves to these women in superficial and unimportant ways. These comparisons will not help women to get a boyfriend, as they are not the right comparisons to make. Women who want to know how to get a boyfriend simply need to work to be as confident and in-control as possible. These simple changes can help to bring the men in.

7 Signs Of Trouble In Dating Relationships

New dating relationships are great. Things start off with everything going swell, or at least they seem to be going well. It can be hard to see things how they really are. You feel as though you’ve met the man of your dreams, but have you really? With that in mind, here are seven sure signs of trouble to be on the watch for; before it’s too late.

1 – All decisions are made by him.

He may be trying to be chivalrous, or he may be controlling. If he decides where every date is, orders your food for you, and doesn’t ask what you’d like to do, it could be a sign of trouble. There’s nothing wrong with a man who is confident and decisive, but you don’t want to end up with a control freak, either.

2 – He belittles, or doesn’t value, your opinion.

Healthy dating relationships require equal input from both parties. If you aren’t able to have a “side” when you are dating, you can bet things will not get better with the passage of time. If you see this happening, speak up and let him know you will be heard. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to move on.

3 – Putting you down in front of others.

To be blunt, this isn’t cool, and could be a potential sign of future physical abuse. It may be a fluke if it happens once or twice, and you can give him a warning. Also, if others tell you he’s doing it, then believe them instead of making excuses for the unacceptable behavior.

4 – Rough and unwanted sex.

If he tries things you don’t want to do, let him know. If he keeps trying, then get rid of him. No questions asked, end of story, goodbye!

5 – Alienating you from friends and loved ones.

This is another sure sign of trouble in dating relationships is when he keeps you away from the people you care about. This may be done directly, or through psychological and emotional manipulation. Either way, you have to live your life, and while you can do that together, it should never be at the expense of your family and friends.

6 – Excessive flirting with others, and getting mad at you if you say something about it.

While it may not be uncommon for people to flirt, it is rude. And if he then tries to make you feel bad for what he did wrong, that’s not a good sign.

7 – Loss of temper over trivial things.

If it’s true that he’s trying to be his best early in the relationship, in the hopes of becoming more serious, then losing his temper early on should make you wonder how much worse it will be when he’s not on his best behavior.

If you can spot these warning signs early on in dating relationships you could save yourself a lot of hassle, and move on to a happier situation that much sooner. You don’t want to be overly paranoid, but it’s good to be alert for possible trouble.

5 Interesting Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend

A kiss has been a symbol of love and passion for thousands of years, helping to bring two people together. With that being said, little has changed about the ways that we kiss one another. Many realize that they kiss their boyfriend the same way that they kissed them when they first met them. It is important for couples to switch things up a little bit, as it helps to keep the relationship fresh and new. Use these five interesting ways to kiss your boyfriend to help bring excitement and passion into your relationship.

After Some Ice

Couples are used to the warm feeling that they get when they kiss each other. Try to change this up a little bit by kissing your boyfriend after eating something cold. Ice, ice cream, and frozen drinks can help to chill your lips, giving your boyfriend a new and interesting sensation.

From Behind

The usual kiss comes from the front, as couples approach each other and tilt their heads for the kiss. One interesting way to change up your kissing habits is to approach your boyfriend from behind. Kiss him on the shoulder or the back of the neck; this new sensation is often seen as romantic and sexy.

Tease Him

Kissing can be an incredible way to tease your boyfriend. Kiss him passionately, and then back off. Kiss him a few times, and then kiss other areas of his body, before stopping. Your passionate kisses, and the sudden stop to them, will leave him begging for more.

Make it Taste Good

One of the easiest ways to surprise your boyfriend is to try out flavored chap sticks and lipsticks. Your boyfriend will get a taste as he kisses you, offering a new sensation to the usual action of the kiss.

Make it Passionate When it Usually Isn’t

One of the easiest ways for women to change things up is to do things in unexpected ways and unexpected places. Try to kiss your boyfriend passionately at times when you usually wouldn’t. If you are saying goodbye, pass on the simple peck on the cheek and go in for a passionate kiss. When your boyfriend comes up to give you a peck as you work at a home office or cook dinner, turn around and give him a passionate kiss. These random moments of passion are unexpected and exciting.

While your boyfriend may find some of these different kisses sexual and romantic, they may find others to be awkward and uncomfortable. You need to think about your boyfriend and his personality before you try out these different interesting ways to kiss your boyfriend. The perfect kiss can often be one of the most romantic things that you can do.

You Really Can Win Back Lost Love

If you are reading this article, then it’s probably safe to assume you have recently gone through a break up. It’s also a safe assumption that you are either ready to be single and move on with your life, or you want to know how to win back lost love. There is also a good chance that you sometimes waver in these feelings and aren’t sure what to do.

Whatever you are going through, it may help to know that you are not alone and millions of people before have gone through the same thing. What does that have to do with you? Well, these are the people who learned from their mistakes. This means you can follow their time-tested advice and not have to make unnecessary mistakes of your own.

Before you start trying to win back your ex, you need to be honest with yourself. You have to be as objective as possible and ask yourself if you really want to get back together with them. Your initial reaction may be, “of course I want them back!”

But take some time to dig deeper. Perhaps you just don’t want to be alone. Or maybe you are more interested in the idea of being in love. Don’t feel bad if you ultimately decide to stay apart. Better to know it now than to move forward on false pretenses.

For the rest of this article, we will further assume that you want to win back lost love. In that case, one of the first things you must do is apologize for your past mistakes. This can be tricky if you’re not sure what they are. Even if you have said you’re sorry numerous times, keep trying.

Again, do some digging, some soul searching and you should be able to uncover the things you need to apologize for. Also, be sure that your apology is sincere. In other words, apologize because you want to, not because you think you’re “supposed to”.

If it was your ex who did wrong, then an apology would be great, but don’t expect one. It may or may not happen, and if you want them back, you can’t wait forever. Instead, you will need to forgive them.

You don’t necessarily have to forget, but you won’t hold their past actions against them; though you may watch for certain signs of trouble in the future. However, be careful that this comes from a place of logic and doesn’t evolve into mistrust. True forgiveness can be difficult, but will go a long way towards keeping your future relationship harmonious.

Finally, be willing to make any needed changes to make things work. But don’t go so far that you lose who you are, or to the point of being phony. You need to love each other for who you are. And, if you follow the tips above, and do things right then you will a very satisfying answer to the question of how to win back an ex.

What To Say To Turn Your Boyfriend On – 5 Magic Phrases

Couples who have only been together for a few months have no trouble trying to turn each other on. There is a certain aspect of lust and excitement that sticks with the relationship, making relations simple and easy. As relationships grow, however, men and women need to work on sparking that passion in their relationship.

Many fail to realize that a simple word or phrase can turn someone on. These five different phrases will teach you what to say to turn your boyfriend on. You can simply use one of these phrases to get the passion flowing; use a combination of these phrases to really turn him on.

You’re Hot

This simple, two word phrase can do wonders for your relationship. By telling your boyfriend that you think he is hot, you are telling him that you are physically attracted to him. This gives a confidence boost to your boyfriend, helping him to feel wanted and sexy. When a man feels sexy, he is going to be turned on.

You’ve Been Working Out

If your boyfriend has been working out on a regular basis, acknowledge it. Telling your boyfriend that you have noticed the changes to his body will help him to feel confident and accomplished. When a man feels confident, he will be turned on.

I Want to Be On You

There is nothing sexier than a woman who takes charge in the relationship. Men often feel as if they are the instigator in the relationship. By telling your man that you want to be on him, he will feel wanted, sexy, and confident. As mentioned before, this combination will help to turn your man on.

Anything On a Text

Sexting is one of the latest trends, gaining popularity because of the way that it makes both men and women feel. If your man is at work, text him a few sexual messages. Texting him different messages, including these tips, will help to turn him on when he least expects it.

I’ve Been Waiting For You

If you are waiting for your man to get home, be sure to greet him at the door. Tell your man that you have been waiting for him to get home in an excited and passionate way. This is another way of letting your man feel wanted and sexy, boosting his confidence and turning him on.

Some of these phrases may make you feel somewhat awkward and uncomfortable. There are plenty of women who are not used to saying some of these things to their boyfriend. No matter your feelings, you need to work to make these phrases sound sincere. If these phrases seem forced or insincere, they will not work. Practice saying these phrases in a mirror until you are comfortable with what to say to turn your boyfriend on.

The Right Way To Get An Ex Back

Have you just gone through a break up? And are you now wondering how to get an ex back? If so, you are not alone. Virtually everybody has broken up with someone at one point or another. However, most of those people decided to move on instead of trying to get back together with an ex. But, those people aren’t you.

If you are ready to do what it takes and willing to do a little work to get your ex back, then there is hope for you and your situation. To put it simply, being broken up doesn’t mean you can’t get back together.

Even though it may seem impossible right now, in the vast majority of cases, there is no real reason why both parties can’t work through their issues and be a couple again. The key is knowing what steps are needed to win your ex back.

Before you do anything else, it is absolutely essential that you uncover the real reason why you broke up. This is harder than it sounds. That’s because the first few reasons you think of, are likely not the real reasons.

You need to do some digging to get to the underlying causes that led to splitting up. While you can’t go back in time to change things to prevent the break up, you can learn from the past, but only to the degree that you are able to find the true cause of what went wrong.

One single event may have been the cause of your break up. But more often than not it’s a series of events or behaviors that have accumulated until they reached the boiling point that caused you to split. Regardless, it’s going to take some work to get to the bottom of things.

And you have to do so before you can move forward. Sure, you may be able to take shortcuts to get your ex back, but you will only be headed towards trouble again. If you’re going to make an effort to get back together, you may as well do it right and be in a longer term relationship.

The next step to getting your ex back is to not appear as being needy. When you want to get back together, you want to do it now. There is a tendency for people in this situation to wear their heart on their sleeve, and be overly emotional. You will do much better if you appear confident and well-adjusted than if you appear to be an emotional wreck. To put it another way, confidence will be more appealing to your ex than fragility.

Finally, do not play games. A lot of people will tell you to get even with your ex, or try to make them jealous. That’s not only immature, it’s also manipulative and not the kind of foundation to build a renewed relationship on. Also, it sends a strong signal that you are not well-adjusted. Who would want to be with somebody who’s going to manipulate them into doing things they don’t want?

Teenager Dating – 8 Tips For Peace Of Mind

And you thought the ‘terrible two’s” were bad, now your teenager wants to start dating. When it comes to teenager dating many parents will find it somewhat less challenging if all parties involved are well aware of the ground rules and expectations.

When your child enters their teen years, it’s time to start talking about what you consider the proper age for dating. The earlier you let your child know what age you think they need to be before they can start dating, the less (hopefully) fighting will occur. Children and parents almost always have different ideas of when they should start dating, but at least if you’ve talked about it openly for some time, neither of you will feel blindsided.

Here are some great tips to keep your teen safe when they begin dating:

1. Make it very clear to your teen what your expectations are as to the type of dates they are allowed to go on. For example, if your teen is only allowed to go on dates with another couple(s) make sure they, and their date, know that.

2. Be very clear as to what time their curfew is as well as what the punishment will be if they are late. Again, make sure their date knows this as well.

3. Make sure your teen never leaves the house without a cell phone and some money.

4. Make sure you always keep the lines of communication open with your teen and let them know that if they get themselves in a jam, they should call you and you will come and get them no questions asked (at least not until you are both safely home).

5. Even though some parents find it hard to do, make sure that your child has knowledge about sex and the consequences of sex such as STD’s and pregnancy. Being a parent means you can’t be a wimp, if you feel uncomfortable talking to your teen about these issues, too bad, get over it. The life you save may be your kid’s!

6. Also, explain the dangers of drinking or doing drugs specifically in the context of dating. Make sure your teen understands that if they drink and drive they could kill themselves or one of their friends. Also make sure they understand that being drunk or high can impair their judgment when it comes to things like having sex.

7. Make sure that you meet their date. You don’t need to grill them, but just some polite conversation is fine as well as a friendly reminder of what your expectations are when it comes to curfews, acceptable places to go, etc.

8. And last, but not least, let your kid know you love them and even though you worry about them that it doesn’t mean you don’t trust them. Just let them know that you will be there for them no matter what and if they ever need to talk to you, just listen.

When you have kids, the scary changes just seem to keep on coming at you and teenager dating is one of those changes. The best thing you can do to help your teenager get through this time is to try to keep communication lines open no matter what. Believe it or not, more often than not they really are listening.